breast revision surgery center of excellenceOver 300,000 breast augmentations are performed each year, some of which will eventually require a follow up revision procedure. Breast revision surgery can become necessary for a number of reasons including a botched initial surgery or unforeseen, natural bodily changes post operation. Every year, many women undergo successful breast revision surgery that restores their self-confidence and overall physical health. The key to a successful breast revision surgery is finding an expert, board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in revision surgery.

At La Peer Health System’s Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, we boast a staff of world-renowned plastic surgery revision specialists waiting to answer any and all questions you may have regarding a potential breast revision surgery.

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Who Needs Breast Revision Surgery?

Many people qualify for revision surgery. Individuals may seek a breast revision surgery if they are suffering from one or more of the following conditions:

Bottoming Out

Also known as breast implant displacement, bottoming out occurs as the result of technical error during the initial augmentation procedure. “Bottoming out” means that one or both implants sit too low on the chest, making the areola sit too high on the breast. Over-dissection of the implant pocket can result in bottoming out of implants.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is among the most common complications from a breast augmentation, and occurs as a result of the immune system’s natural defense against foreign materials in the body. Some common signs of capsular contracture include breasts that have risen to an unnaturally high point on the chest and appear oddly constricted and artificially round like a baseball.

Double Bubble Deformity

A double bubble deformity occurs when the natural breast tissue sags below the implant creating an unnatural appearance, particularly when the arms are lifted. Implants that are placed too high during the primary surgery can result in the “bubbling” out of breast tissue below the implant.

Positioning Issues

When implants are placed asymmetrically, fall too far to one side, sit too high, hang too low, or are otherwise positioned unnaturally, a revision breast surgery may be necessary.

Ruptured Implant

Individuals suffering from a ruptured implant may experience visible implant deflation, breast pain, changes in nipple sensitivity, and/or swelling and hardening of the breast/breasts. A ruptured implant is most commonly caused by fatigue and breakage of the implant.

Increase or Decrease Implant Size

Patients who have undergone an initial breast augmentation but are unhappy with the final result can elect to have breast revision surgery. During breast revision surgery, your board certified plastic surgeon can adjust the size of your implants.

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Types of Breast Revision Surgery

Schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discover which type of breast revision surgery may be right for you. Whether you are looking to create a more natural appearance, increase or decrease the size of your implants, or correct a previous breast surgery, breast revision surgery can help boost self esteem and enhance the appearance of your breasts. The Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence offers a number of cutting-edge breast revision procedures including implant removal, implant replacement, capsular contraction correction, implant repositioning, and the mesh bra procedure.

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