breast implant revision surgery los angelesRevision Plastic Surgery FAQs

Q: Where is the La Peer Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence located?

A: Our outpatient plastic surgery center is conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, walking distance from a number of world-famous shops and restaurants. For out of town patients, our kind and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you facilitate travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

Q: Who should perform revision plastic surgery?

A: All revision plastic surgery procedures should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon with special training and experience in revision surgery. Given that revision procedures are often more complicated that the initial plastic surgery procedure, finding an expert surgeon is key to obtaining natural, beautiful results.

Q: What can I expect from my revision plastic surgery procedure?

A: The exact details of your procedure will depend on your presenting condition or conditions and desired results. During a one on one consultation prior to the surgery, your physician will discuss your customized treatment plan and procedure details with you. All of the procedures offered at the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to recover quickly and comfortably from the privacy of their own homes.

Q: Who is a candidate for revision plastic surgery?

A: Patients who are dissatisfied with the their aesthetic appearance or overall functioning following a plastic surgery procedure may consider a secondary revision procedure. Revision plastic surgery is intended to correct a variety of issues including, but not limited to, capsular contracture, loss of functioning, obstructed breathing, unnatural results, asymmetry, and deformity.

Q: Will insurance cover my revision plastic surgery procedure?

A: While many plastic surgery procedures are not typically covered by insurance, some revision procedures might be. Fill out our online insurance verification form or give us a call to find out if insurance will cover your revision plastic surgery procedure.

Q: Who needs breast implant revision surgery?

A: Individuals may seek a breast revision surgery if they are suffering from capsular contracture, bottoming out, a double bubble deformity, positioning issues, experience a ruptured implant, or desire to increase or decrease implant size.

Q: What is capsular contracture?

A: Capsular contracture is among the most common complications resulting from a breast augmentation, and occurs as a result of the immune system’s natural defense against foreign materials in the body. Some common signs of capsular contracture include breasts that have risen to an unnaturally high point on the chest and appear oddly constricted and artificially round like a baseball.

Q: What are some common sign that I might need a revision rhinoplasty?

A: If you have undergone one or more previous rhinoplasty procedures and are unhappy with the results, a revision rhinoplasty could help restore your cosmetic appearance, nasal functioning, and self-confidence. A revision rhinoplasty can help correct issues such as obstructed breathing, too much tissue removal, too little tissue removal, and nasal deformity.

Q: What is a revision blepharoplasty?

A: A revision blepharoplasty, or corrective eyelift, may become necessary for patients who have undergone a previous eyelid procedure but are unhappy with either their post-op appearance or functioning. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyes following an eyelift or are experiencing difficulties blinking and closing the eyes, you may be a candidate for a revision blepharoplasty.

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