revision blepharoplasty revision surgery center of excellenceThe eyes are central facial features that heavily influence the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. A revision blepharoplasty, or corrective eyelift, may become necessary for patients who have undergone a previous eyelid procedure but are unhappy with either their post-op appearance or functioning.

The eyelid tissues are extremely delicate and unforgiving, so it is important to find the best eyelid plastic surgeon to perform your procedure and achieve optimal results. At La Peer’s Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, our surgeons are board certified and specially trained in a variety of revision procedures, including blepharoplasty. If you are considering a revision eyelift procedure, do not hesitate to contact our staff of world-renowned plastic surgeons with any and all questions.

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Do I Need a Revision Blepharoplasty?

Do you qualify for revision blepharoplasty? Individuals who have undergone an initial blepharoplasty may be unsatisfied with their results for several reasons. In order to address each patient’s conditions successfully, there are two main types of revision blepharoplasty:

Under correction revision eyelift – When the original eyelid surgery fails to address the aesthetic goals for the upper an/or lower eyelids, a secondary revision blepharoplasty may become necessary. If you have recently undergone a blepharoplasty yet feel the original surgery failed to produce a significant improvement in your appearance, consider scheduling a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discuss eyelid revision surgery options.

Over correction revision eyelift – An over-correction revision eyelift procedure is necessary when too much tissue is removed during an initial procedure or the initial surgery led to unwanted complications such as asymmetry,rounding of the lower eyelids (scleral show), inability to close the eyes (lagophthalmos), and/or poor position of lower lids (ectropion). If tissue removal was too aggressive during the first eyelid procedure, patients may have an uneven, unnatural, surprised appearance and difficulty closing one or both eyes. In general, over-correction revision eyelid surgery is more complex than with under corrections.

The Revision Eyelift Procedure

Before your revision blepharoplasty, you will need to schedule a one-on-one consultation with your board certified surgeon with expertise in oculoplastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and/or plastic surgery. During this initial consultation, your surgeon will assess your condition, ask about your goals for surgery, and outline a detailed, customized treatment plan to help you obtain optimal results. Depending on the state of your eyes and eyelids, your surgeon may need to perform a number of procedures including fat grafts, skin removal, a brow lift, and other reconstructive eyelid procedures. Many eyelid procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis; meaning patients are allowed to return home in the hours following surgery. Given that a revision blepharoplasty is an elective cosmetic procedure, some general discomfort, swelling, and/or bruising can be expected after surgery. Your physician will discuss your pain management plan with you prior to your procedure.

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