revision rhinoplasty los angelesRevision rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to correct the form or function of a nose that has previously undergone an initial rhinoplasty procedure. Following an initial rhinoplasty, some patients may experience difficulty breathing or be unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of the nose. The key to a successful rhinoplasty revision is finding an expertly trained, board certified facial plastic surgeon.

At La Peer Health System’s Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, we proudly boast a staff of some of the most elite revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the country. At La Peer, our team of plastic surgeons accepts nothing short of perfection and strives to prevent the need for any follow up procedures.

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Is a Revision Rhinoplasty Right For You?

A rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform. Unless your plastic surgeon is board certified and highly trained in performing rhinoplasties, there is potentially a higher chance that a secondary revision rhinoplasty will be necessary. Both doing your research and finding the best plastic surgeon available can help prevent the need for a revision procedure. However, many patients consider a revision plastic surgery procedure if they have already undergone an initial rhinoplasty and experience one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty breathing and/or airway obstruction
  • Too little tissue removal
  • Excessive tissue removal
  • Nasal deformity
  • Unnatural surgical appearance

If you have undergone one or more previous rhinoplasty procedures and are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, a revision rhinoplasty could help restore your cosmetic appearance, nasal functioning, and self-confidence. Our kind and knowledgeable staff at the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about your potential revision rhinoplasty.

What to Expect From a Revision Rhinoplasty

Every patient is unique, and every revision rhinoplasty procedure performed at the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence will be customized for optimal results. The exact details of your revision rhinoplasty will depend on the type and severity of your condition. For more mild cases, your surgeon may simply need to remove and/or reshape some additional tissue. For more severe cases, tissue grafts from the ear or ribs may be necessary to restore the appearance and functioning of the nose. In total, a revision rhinoplasty procedure will take anywhere from one to several hours. After a revision rhinoplasty, patients typically report symptoms of swelling, bruising, and general pain and discomfort. Any pain and discomfort experienced following a revision plastic surgery procedure can be attenuated with pain medications and tend to dissipate in 7 – 10 days.

Before and After Revision Rhinoplasty


To see more pictures of before and after revision rhinoplasty surgery, please visit our photo gallery.

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La Peer Health Systems’ Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence is developing a reputation as the leading outpatient revision surgery center in Beverly Hills. If you have any questions regarding a revision rhinoplasty procedure, contact our world-renowned staff at your earliest convenience at 888.543.7384 or schedule a consultation online.

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