revisional surgery los angelesAll patients who seek cosmetic surgery expect lasting and pleasing physical results. Individuals who undergo rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or chin implant procedures desire attractive results that improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, some plastic surgery patients end up with unsatisfactory results and unintended health complications. While plastic surgery procedures are more technologically advanced and safe as ever, altering the body can sometimes unintentionally produce alternative damage.

Revision plastic surgery is a second plastic surgery procedure that corrects complications that develop following an operation, or to deliver complete aesthetic satisfaction. Revision surgery specialists at the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence expertly treat returning patients to bring complete satisfaction and restore healthy functioning after an initial procedure. The highly trained, knowledgeable surgeons in Los Angeles can examine you for revision surgery after your initial procedure has completed healing, leaving unsatisfactory results or influence adverse complications.

Aesthetic Revision Surgery

If you are someone who has already undergone a plastic surgery operation, and are unsatisfied with the results, or have acquired an obstructive health complication following surgery recovery, you may be interested in seeking revisional plastic surgery. Revision plastic surgery can be performed if the aesthetic changes following your plastic procedure are not exactly what you desired. Sometimes patients do not notice significant change in appearance, or notice asymmetry after healing. Doctors at the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence are experts in performing revision procedures to bring the patients appearance to their highest personal standard.

Revision Plastic Surgery for Medical Complications

Sometimes following a cosmetic procedure, unintended heath complications can develop. Revision plastic surgery is aimed to correct these complications as soon as they develop to restore the patient’s health to fully functioning. At the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, doctors skillfully and carefully perform revision blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast revision surgery and other procedures in Beverly Hills. If you have undergone a plastic surgery procedure, and have developed interfering or adverse physical symptoms, you can qualify for revision plastic surgery.

Revision Blepharoplasty- a corrective eyelid surgery that can be performed if your initial blepharoplasty operation left you with an eyelid deformity or awkward blinking, opening or shutting altering form and function

Revision Rhinoplasty- a corrective plastic nose surgery that is performed to correct breathing obstruction that has developed because of an original rhinoplasty procedure. Revisional rhinoplasty can also correct any deformity or asymmetry after healing.

Revision Breast Surgery- can be performed to correct asymmetry, capsular contracture, bottoming out and other painful symptoms that can develop following a breast augmentation.

Best Revision Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles

At the Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, experts have performed numerous revision procedures to bring the patient to complete satisfaction with their plastic surgery. If you have undergone an initial plastic surgery procedure with substandard results, contact the Beverly Hills doctors today at 888.546.7384.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much money is revision surgery?

A: Revision plastic surgery cost will vary depending on the procedure you seek. Often, insurance companies cover the cost of medical revision surgery.

Q: How soon after my initial procedure should I wait to get revision surgery?

A: Doctors will typically not perform a revision surgery until after your original procedure is done healing. It may not be safe for the patient to undergo another procedure so immediately.

Q: Is there a procedure for scar revision?

A: Yes, the success of a scar revision procedure depends on the location and size of the scar.

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