los angeles revision surgery center of excellenceRevisional surgery is a term used to describe a number of procedures that can correct any number of aesthetic and health complications that may arise after an initial plastic surgery procedure. Individuals may choose to undergo a revision plastic surgery procedure for a variety of reasons, including unnatural or unattractive results, alterations that are too drastic or too subtle, moderate to severe health complications, chronic pain, and/or impaired daily functioning.

At La Peer Health Systems’ Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, our staff of world renowned, board certified surgeons are trained in a variety of revision plastic surgery procedures, including, but not limited to:

Breast implant revision surgery

Patients may become dissatisfied with their breast implants for a variety of reasons including pain, a loss of functioning, or an unappealing cosmetic appearance. Condition that can be treated with breast implant revision surgery include positioning issues, bottoming out, chronic back or neck pain, desire to increase or decrease implant size, or deformity.

Capsular contracture correction

Capsular contracture is one of the most common conditions that can develop following a breast augmentation procedure. In individuals with capsular contracture can experience breasts that have risen too high on the chest, a restricted or tight appearance to the chest, unnaturally round breasts, and breasts that appear firm or hard.

Scar revision treatments

A scar is an unfortunate and visible sign that a wound has healed. While most wounds heal properly on their own, some don’t and can leave raised, recessed, or discolored scars on the skin. Topical treatments, minimally invasive scar reduction procedures, and surgical scar revision can all be used to improve the overall look and health of your scar or scars.

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to correct the form or function of a nose that has previously undergone an initial rhinoplasty procedure. Patients who have undergone an initial rhinoplasty and develop difficulty breathing, nasal deformity, and excessive or too little tissue removal may want to consider a revision rhinoplasty.

Revision blepharoplasty

A revision blepharoplasty, or corrective eyelift, may become necessary for patients who have undergone a previous eyelid procedure but are unhappy with either their post-op appearance or functioning. Common signs that you may need a revision blepharoplasty include an inability to close one or both eyes, difficulty blinking, too little tissue removal, excessive tissue removal, and, in extreme cases, disfiguration.

Other revisional procedures

The list of procedures above is non-exhaustive, and your surgeon may recommend another, non-specified procedure as the appropriate treatment option for you. For instance, fat graphs, skin graphs, dermal fillers, lifts, and peels could help achieve even more amazing results for select patients.

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At La Peer’s Revision Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence, we employ a staff of world-class plastic surgeons specializing in a variety of revision surgery procedures. The Revision Surgery Center of Excellence is quickly and deservingly developing a reputation as the best outpatient plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an expert revision surgeon today and discover how you can regain your functioning and self-confidence after an unsatisfactory initial procedure. Let our kind and knowledgeable staff address any questions you may have about revision plastic surgery by calling 888.546.7384.

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