breast implant revision surgery los angelesThe decision to undergo plastic surgery is a life impacting choice intended to leave the patient with long lasting and satisfactory results. Many people are opting for facial, body or cosmetic skin operations and expect to leave with the sculpted features of their dreams. Unfortunately, not every patient receives the transformation they had hoped for. However, skilled plastic surgeons at the Revision Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills are experts in revision surgery that bring the patient all the way to 100% satisfaction with their look. Sometimes complications with plastic surgery develop, that require additional medical attention. Medical Director jimmy Firouz, MD strives to deliver the highest quality revision plastic surgery available, while remedying any new medical condition that has developed because of your original plastic surgery.

What is Revision Plastic Surgery?

Revision plastic surgery is a follow up procedure to an original cosmetic operation to bring the patient to full satisfaction with their appearance and correct for conditions that may have developed because of the plastic surgery. Revision surgery is performed if the original operation altered an unintended aspect of the face or body, or if the original surgery did not create enough noticeable difference to the patient.

Cosmetic surgeries can transform the face or body into shapes and positions the body is not yet used to. As you heal from cosmetic surgery, your body or face takes the new shape and begins to accommodate new dimensions. If an area of the face or body is altered during healing, revision surgery may be performed to correct it. Additionally, as your body heals you may discover unintended medical complications. If following a rhinoplasty surgery you develop new breathing complications or are experiencing pain, revision surgery may benefit you.

Who Should Consider Revision Plastic Surgery?

Revision surgery is intended for those who have already undergone a plastic surgery procedure and are dissatisfied with the results or develop conditions following the procedure. While cosmetic surgeons aim to deliver the results you desire, occasionally patients do not feel one hundred percent fulfilled with the results. If you have undergone a face-lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or chin augmentation and are not completely content with your appearance, revision surgery may be the right option for you. Additionally, if you are suffering a lower quality of life following surgery due to complications, revision surgery may benefit you. Capsular contracture is a common breast revision surgery doctors in Beverly Hills perform. Tightness, pain around the breasts or other body part following a plastic procedure can be treated with revision surgery.

Plastic surgery is meant to strengthen a man or woman’s self-image and confidence. If you are having second thoughts about your procedure or are suffering from pain or other medical conditions, consider revision plastic surgery at the Revision Surgery Center of Excellence. Expert plastic surgeons will examine you for eligibility for revision surgery before performing any procedure. Patients must be fully healed from the original plastic surgery before undergoing a revision procedure. If the doctor decides you are eligible for revision surgery, he will then sit down with you and discuss your condition or dissatisfaction with your original plastic surgery. Doctors at Revision Surgery Center of Excellence will thoroughly discuss your intentions and wishes before proceeding with a revision plastic surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it common to seek revision plastic surgery?

A: Yes, many people seek revision surgery if they are looking for more change in their appearance or have developed a condition following the procedure.

Q: What kinds of revision plastic surgery are available?

A: Revision plastic surgery can amend most cosmetic procedures including rhinoplasty, face-lift, breast lift or reduction, chin augmentation and more.

Q: Is revision surgery safe?

A: Yes, revision surgery is just as safe as the original operation, and can be performed with minimally invasive techniques in some cases.

Best Revision Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

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